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Safety Foam

Safety and Protective Foam

Safety and Protective FoamWhen it comes to foams that can absorb impact or resist high temperature, flame and extreme conditions, Reilly has a number of solutions to meet your needs.

Whether you are shipping critical electronics or fragile merchandise, you can count on Reilly Foam's solutions to protect your assets.

Our foams also play a critical role in human and equipment safety.

Our Safety and Protective Foam Applications include:

  • Shock absorbing athletic equipment
  • Flotation equipment
  • Aircraft seating foam
  • Military explosion suppression foam
  • Racing explosion prevention foam
  • Fuel surge reduction
  • Fuel slosh reduction
  • Lightning explosion prevention

Fuel Tank Safety Foam

Cosmetic Applicators

Reilly Foam makes a variety of foams that will suppress explosions in vehicular fuel tanks.

Flotation Foam

Noise Isolation in Jet Turbines

Reilly Foam provides foams for life-safety and water-born equipment that require various degrees of buoyancy.